E-shops, e-commerce

Stopra implements e-shops for effective internet business. Our e-shops are prepared as most accessible and welcoming for shoppers as well as we think of comfort for administrators of e-shops.

We constantly improve our own e-shop solution so it enables us to offer competitive and strong e-commerce platform. Each customer has own requirements and we carefully deploy and adapt to its own needs. We help our clients with data migration to e-shop or even refilling e-shop. We provide maximum support.

Are you about to open your e-shop?

Send us your requirements, problems, deadlines, and other information to your implementation of e-shop. We figure out your individual requirements, prepare a calculation labor input, potential bottlenecks and possible completion dates.

Do you already have an e-shop and want to modify it?

If you already have a stray e-shop and you do not want to switch to other solutions, but you need to add new functionality we help you to modify existing solutions. This option is especially useful for owners of open-source commercial systems such as OsCommerce, ZenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, etc.

Do you need connect your e-shop with other software such as supply, accounting or CRM systems? Please, contact us.