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Junior PHP Developer

Job description

You will work on PHP based projects such as e-shops, custom PHP applications, CMS etc.
We understand nobody is perfect from the beginning of career so you will get intensive support from a senior colleague.

This position perfect fits for whole spectrum of IT focused university students with passion in web development, hungry for new skills, knowledge, opened to self-education.

What we require

  • Positive attitude, reliable and responsible person
  • Opened for self-education
  • At least intermediate experience with PHP, MySQL, HTML, JS
  • Experience with any modern PHP framework like Nette, Laravel, Zend, etc is advantage
  • Couple of realized projects in PHP in previous work or school
  • Previous professional work as PHP developer is advantage

What we offer

  • friendly environment
  • Nespresso in the house:)
  • offices near to the city center
  • easy parking
  • home office
  • salary based on skills
  • all types of employments

Are you interested?

Send us brief info about you, previous experiences, skills or projects.
CV is not essentially required but if you have one, attach it.
We will discuss all details during initial Skype interview.
Contact us on

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